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ICON-EASEL MOUNT for D-Control $ 450 USD
Want a low profile 24”- 27” LCD Screen with your 
D-Control?!??! (Must be no more than 25” wide at the base)
It’s possible if you are willing to modify your Deckplate Area!

Install Time is Approximately 3 Hours.

"I was looking for

a way to see my meters and projection screen over my computer monitor.

Icon-easel is just what I was looking for,

it works perfectly."


- Mark Herscovitz, Picture Head.

Picture Head


Hollywood, CA

The Dub Stage

Burbank, CA

"I invested in the Easel Mount in Keyboard and Trackball mount for the Dub Stage in Burbank because of the ergonomics (allowing a clear view and listening benefits with no visual or sonic obstructions) and overall the ease of installation.

An important aspect is the ability to upgrade the keyboard and mouse/trackball as well as the LCD monitor at any time in the future with minimal hassle (as newer products arrive in the marketplace). 

When visitors come to work at the Dub Stage and sit at the mix position - they compliment us on the ergonomics and functionality of the ICONSHELF custom add ons. 

When purchasing a new 64 fader ICON for OZ The Great and Powerful - I immediately installed two Easel Mounts and Key/Trackball mounts and could not work on an ICON without them installed! In a nutshell - I'm a happy user and rely on it daily!"


  1. -Marti D. Humphrey, CAS

Owner / Re-Recording Mixer

The Dub Stage

The Dub Stage

Burbank, CA

Download the PDF Install InstructionsEasel_Mount_files/EASEL%20MOUNT%20Instructs.pdf