Sliding Script Tray for both 
D-Control and D-Command
A sliding script tray with a twist...

It is designed to work over the faders of either Icon console. Many people had requested such a tray that could slide the entire length of the console and work on their D-Command. 

It requires no added track and it’s six wheels slide in the grooved space between the Fader section and knob section. It also has a raised ridge on the bottom to stop any pens or paper from sliding off.

It has a plexiglass top that you can see through. The dimensions are 12.5” x 12.5” and it covers one single 8 fader block. Rubber wheels won’t damage the surface... Powdercoat steel matches the Icon colors perfectly. Easily removed or placed back on...

It is designed to slide slowly from left to right and stay online.

It can nicely hold :
    -A Macbook Pro Laptop (pictured)
    -Papers 9” x 11” with pens
    -A Music Score
    -A Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards 
    -A Bluetooth Trackball
    -A Bluetooth Numerical Keypad for -                
     Transport control

Available for $ 350 USD
Plus Shipping

Play this video to see 
ICONTRAY in action 
on a D-Command.
ICONTRAY pictured with a 24 Fader D-Command ES which has ICONSHELF installed on the back.