Static Script Tray for SSL Large Format Consoles
Are clients setting their stuff on your console and faders?

Are you having to replace Faders more often at $ 750 a piece?

Many studios have told me that their clients are placing laptops, USB Keyboards, iPads and more directly on the console faders because they don’t really mix anymore:  everyone mixes in Pro Tools and then stem out the outputs to the faders - which they don’t move...

They also told me how expensive it is to replace those faders... $ 750 a piece!!

So the ICONSHELF SSL-TRAY is the answer... It is designed with rubber rails to not scratch or ding - and still hold firmly in place.

The spacing between the legs is 7 inches or 17.5 CM

Available for $ 350 USD
Plus Shipping
Bluetooth Pro Tools Keyboard
MacBook Pro
iPad or iPhone
Put two together for a full-size keyboard and mouse

Available for 
$ 275 USD
Plus Shipping